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Established in 2006, Vastunirmiti commenced its operations as a developer. Riding on the growth wave of real-estate, Vastunirmiti made a strategic shift into constructions of villas and apartments; from then on it transformed into a new breed of builders and carved an enviable niche for itself in the real estate arena, offering great quality of living spaces at extremely competitive prices. Concorde achieves customer delight by offering unmatched living experience through continued quality consciousness, which is steeped in every aspect and stage of the construction cycle, right from project conception, through execution and delivery.

At the helm of the group, Baba Saheb Jadhav, Managing Director bring to the table rich experience and knowledge in their respective fields and form a powerful combination of able administration and keen business acumen. They are complemented by a team of high-caliber engineers, architects, marketing professionals, industry personnel.

Vastunirmiti Landmark was founded in 2006 by Mr.Baba Saheb Jadhav. He has been instrumental in working out the development strategies of Vastunirmiti Landmark. He has an experience of more than 10 years in the industry of real estate development and construction. He is mainly instrumental behind the success and achievements of the Vastunirmiti Landmark.

Vastunirmiti Landmark has a strong management team complementing each other in case of opportunities. Our mission is to build a world-class real estate development company with the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, customer service to thereby contribute and benefit from the growth of the Indian economy.

The company has developed some of the finest homes in Wai, Panchagani and Mahabaleshwar and around these places. We have the enviable record of having completed all Residential Layouts in commercial projects on time.

Our Values
We believe that relationships are built on mutual trust. And that trust is built when we keep our promises.

Vastunirmiti Landmark is committed to excellence in terms of quality. At every stage of a project, the company ensures satisfaction to the minutest detail. It also lays a strong emphasis on the aesthetic elements in the project's design.

While the concept of "HOME" is constantly revised, the idea of an "IDEAL HOME" is generally accepted as one where the individual has no complaints. Vastunirmiti Landmark, with in house architects at its helm, strives to identify market trends and customer requirements to create the Ideal Home.
Shri Vastunirmiti Landmark is creating a new world in Wai, our mordern homes are giving a unique identity to our projects. We are ambitious to created homes with entirely new faces. We are confident that people will feel homely in our weekend homes.

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